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Standard Visitation Schedules

These visitation schedules are called standard for a reason. Many custody and divorce cases end up with these visitation schedules, or something similar. 

Click here to view the Washington County Standard Visitation Schedule.

Click here to view the Benton County Standard Visitation Schedule.

Confidential Information Sheet

This form is used at the begining of any case involving children. It keeps the child's identifying information confidential, as well as other sensitive information of the parties, like dates of birth and social security numbers. You will probably be asked to fill this out if you are opening or re-opening a case. You don't have to have every piece of information, but you will need to fill in what you do know.

Child Support Charts

These charts are used to help determine the amount of child support that a non-custodial parent will pay. First, you choose the basis on which you are paid (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly). Second,  you select how many children are included. And lastly, how much your net pay is. 

This worksheet is standard in almost every case. Both parties are typically required to fill one out. It lists your income, expenses, assets and debts and is commonly used to calculate child support and alimony.  After you fill it out and sign it, Leslie will review it for accuracy and sign it as well. 

Affidavit of Financial Means

This handbook is published by the Arkansas Child Support Clearinghouse and the Office of Child Support Enforcement to help answer questions from non-custodial parents about the child support process. 

Child Support Handbook

The parenting classes offered by Childcare Aware of NWA are free and are on a first-come, first-served basis. Their location is in Rogers. Sometimes, parents are court-ordered to attend co-parenting classes together. This is a wonderful resource and is regularly used by Washington County and Benton County Judges. Click here to find the current schedule of classes and class descriptions.

Parenting Classes